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As part of Wacom's charitable giving effort this year, we have partnered with the Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We're excited to involve our customers by making a donation for every Bamboo Craft sold in North America from now until December 25th, 2010. A percentage of proceeds from every unit will be donated to support the Susan G. Komen organization in their effort to create "a world without breast cancer."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, WACOM Time!!!


WACOM has generously agreed to be the sponsor of our BIG CHEESE SCRAP OFF!!!
So to thank them for their generosity, all that enter this contest will be required to blog about the contest.
We will also have special banners for you to sport in order to qualify for this contest!!!

The Big Cheese Scrap Off
We are now taking sign ups for this contest!
Please sign up in our Contest forum with your first name, your user name and blog address.
This contest begins on Friday, October 15, and ends on Saturday, October 30
with the Grand prize winner and Top 5 winners announced on Sunday, October 31.
So, why the name “Big Cheese”??

“The Big Cheese” is listed in John Camden Hotten's The Slang Dictionary, 1863 as:
"Anything good, first-rate in quality, genuine, and pleasant "
These are all attributes of a great scrapper!
We at Scraps With A Mouse strive for quality designs and creations, while not taking
ourselves so seriously that we miss the opportunity to be genuine
and maintain a pleasant environment here at the site!

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